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Legal Advice

Contract Drafting and Negotiation
Procurement Expertise
E-Procurement Implementation

Martin specializes in the following areas:

Beschaffung/Procurement: Martin’s deep knowledge of procurement laws and practices ensures that MGI’s procurement processes are compliant, efficient, and cost-effective.

Gestaltung von (Rahmen)Lieferverträgen: Martin excels in the drafting and negotiation of supply contracts, both in terms of framework agreements and specific delivery contracts, guaranteeing favorable terms for MGI.

Allgemeinen Einkaufsbedingungen: Martin is well-versed in crafting general terms and conditions for purchases, providing legal clarity and protection for MGI in its procurement activities.

Geheimhaltungsvereinbarungen: Martin’s expertise extends to the creation of confidentiality agreements, safeguarding MGI’s proprietary information and trade secrets.

Qualitätssicherungsvereinbarungen: Martin ensures that MGI maintains high product and service quality standards by establishing comprehensive quality assurance agreements.

Transport- und Anlieferungsvorschriften: Martin’s knowledge of transportation and delivery regulations guarantees the smooth movement of goods and services, minimizing logistical disruptions.

E-Procurement: In the digital age, Martin leads MGI’s e-procurement initiatives, streamlining purchasing processes and optimizing cost efficiency through electronic procurement solutions.


Martin Neupert is an invaluable asset to MGI as our legal advisor, bringing a wealth of expertise in various legal domains. He is based in Lithuania.