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Virtual Assistant Solution

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, where personalized service and efficiency are paramount, MGI Mobility Services introduces its groundbreaking Virtual Assistant solution, designed to elevate guest experiences in hotels and casinos to new heights.

Empowering Guest Recognition with Advanced Technology

At the heart of our solution is cutting-edge software that integrates seamlessly with live camera streams to offer real-time face and emotion recognition. This enables hotels to instantly recognize VIP guests, understand their preferences, and tailor services to meet their unique needs, ensuring a personalized and memorable stay.

Key Features That Set Us Apart

Our Virtual Assistant boasts a suite of features that redefine guest service:

  • Real-Time Recognition: Instant identification of guests for personalized service.
  • Seamless Staff Adaptation: With the Virtual Assistant, there’s no need for extensive training on recognizing VIP guests. The system ensures that even with high staff turnover, every team member can provide personalized service to important guests.
  • Effortless Guest Recognition: The system’s ability to recognize and analyze guests in real-time means that every guest interaction can be personalized, without the need for manual input or memorization by staff.
  • Emotional Analysis: Insights into guest emotions to tailor interactions.
  • VIP Database: A comprehensive database with guest preferences and important information.
  • Staff Notifications: Ensures the team is informed and responsive.
  • Management Reporting: Provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making.
A VIP enters the hotel

Transforming Guest Experiences

Imagine a VIP guest entering the lobby and being greeted by name, with staff already aware of their preferences and ready to provide service that feels both personal and exclusive. Or in the restaurant, where dining experiences are enhanced by knowledge of the guest’s favorite dishes and dietary needs. This is the level of service Virtual Assistant makes possible.

Commitment to Privacy and Data Security

We prioritize the security and privacy of guest information, adhering to strict data protection protocols and ensuring compliance with all privacy laws and hotel policies.

Proven Success and Operational Efficiency

Our solution has already demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability in enhancing operational efficiency and guest service, as evidenced by its successful implementation in renowned establishments.

Join the Future of Hospitality

MGI Mobility Services is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that not only meet the current needs of the hospitality industry but also anticipate future trends. The Virtual Assistant is more than just a tool—it’s a partnership in enhancing guest satisfaction and operational excellence.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please visit our website at or contact us directly. Embrace the future of hospitality with MGI Mobility Services’ Virtual Assistant.

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